Here's what some of our customers have to say: 


I just wanted to say thank you for this swimsuit line! I ordered a suit and I got it quickly. The size chart was very helpful and the styles are flattering. There aren't many maternity products that I would recommend, but I am telling all of my friends about your products. Thank you so much for creating a comfortable, flattering, affordable product like this!

- Sarah, Sioux City, IA


My new top came today and I LOVE it!!!  It gives great coverage!!!  A perfect fit!  I like it so much I might wear it when I'm not pregnant too!  Thanks so much!

- Jessica, Louisville, KY


I just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with the swim shorts and halter tankini top I received today! I love that they are modest in terms of coverage but stylish and very flattering on a pregnant body. Finding a suit that is this cute and comfortable is challenging when I'm not pregnant, so I had hardly expected to one for this summer, when I'm sporting an extra 20 pounds. Thank you so much for the cute product line you offer! It's such a refreshing take on maternity swimwear. 

- Stella, Stafford, VA


Can't say enough about Mermaid Maternity's customer service! I had an issue with the size of suit I ordered and they worked with me to ensure I was a happy customer and will receive the replacement in time for my vacation on Friday! I am very happy with the product and will be recommending it to my friends! Thanks again!

- Shanna, South Jordan, UT


I just wanted to let you know I received my merchandise and I LOVE IT!  thanks!

 - Toni, Blairsville, PA


Just wanted to let you know that the swimwear was a great fit and extremely comfortable!! Thanks so much for your service.

- Margaux, New South Wales, Australia


Hello! I just bought a swimsuit from you and it is fabulous! It fits great and it isn't too revealing -- something very difficult to find. I really do love it and it took me 4 swimsuits to find one that I actually feel comfortable wearing!

 - Tracey, Springdale, AK


 The new suit is so fabulous!!!! I am in love with it. Will wear it all summer. Many thanks!!!

 - Jen, Gulf Breeze, FL


Hello! I received my order today. I love the suit! Finally, I found something that fit right. I can stay cool in the water and have fun with my kids. So glad I found your site from a google search. Thanks!

- Kristin, Cottage Grove, MN


I just got my top and swim shorts and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you, the rest of my summer just got a little better.

- Jenny, Coeur d’Alene, ID


I am very impressed with the material, construction, etc. of the entire suit.  I've already worn the skirt without the top and it fit well.  A little loose around the belly now but plenty of room to grow, as I know I am daily without it getting too tight by the end of summer when I'll be my biggest (Sept. baby).  I continue to share about your suits and site with other friends who are looking for quality suits during pregnancy.  Thanks for your great customer service. I look forward to lots of days in this suit and might go back on before the end to grab another top.

- Heather, Rockford, IL


I ordered the maternity swim skirt with shorts and I have to say I LOVE the skirt!!! I'm a young pregnant mom and going to Mexico for vacation but I want coverage on my thighs...this skirt is perfect and very flattering! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm trying to decide which one to order next.

- Leanne, Clinton, OK


I received mine today and LOVE it! Can’t say enough good things about it! And great customer service!

- Summer, Oxford, OH


I really love the maternity rash guard. It feels so comfortable and I love that it's very modest and not revealing. Great job on the design!

- Stephanie, Lansdale, PA


I absolutely love the bathing suit.  I will be sure to recommend you all to my preggo friends.  I had looked at many many websites and you all had what I consider the nicest selection for maternity.  Thank you!

- Courtney, Reston, VA


I love the swim skirt with the fold over paneling. Excellent coverage! Thank you for making my beach experience pleasurable.

- Barbara, Mount Kisco, NY


Thanks for inquiring! Yes, I realize the shorts are non-maternity. I actually got one of your suits when I was pregnant last year and it was the awesomest suit of all time and not just because it fit great over my massive pregnant belly. I love the suit because it's pretty, functional, comfortable and modest. I am a very conservative dresser and the shorts style bathing suit bottom is the answer to my prayers!!  So when I found you had non-maternity short bottoms....I had to get one. Your tankini tops actually fit even without being pregnant due to the while I have a fuchsia one, I thought the black and white one looked very cute and would try it out. I am so happy about the products that you offer. I recommend them to all my Mom friends. Thanks!!!

- Lisa, Matawan, NJ


The swim skirt is fabulous! I am so happy with and impressed by your outstanding customer service, as well as the quality of the swim skirt. I could not be more pleased! You saved my vacation (at least my time in the pooI and on the beach!) by getting the exchange to me in just a couple of days! I will recommend Mermaid Maternity to any of my pregnant friends!  

- Sarah, Hurricane, WV


I love the skirt with boy shorts since it makes me look a little skinnier than the shorts (any little bit will help) but still has the boy shorts for coverage if the skirt floats up in the water. Thank you for all of your help. I really do appreciate it. I will definitely recommend you guys to my other pregnant friends! Thanks for helping me feel confident in my pregnant swimwear-it really does go a long way!!!

- Lindsey, Raleigh, NC


I got the package yesterday - I LOVE these swimsuits!  It seems like I'm so big with this pregnancy that nothing would ever fit over this belly, so I can't believe the miracles that were worked just by putting on your suits!  The drawstring at the bottom of the tankini is the best invention ever.  Thanks so much!

- Alicia, Gilroy, CA


I can't thank you enough for your awesome product and great service.  The suits offer the perfect amount of modesty without sacrificing style at all.  SUPER CUTE!!!  I love it. Thank you so much.  I will be sure to tell all my friends!

 - Nicolette, Pasadena, MD


Wow...what a relief to find a beautiful variety of maternity bathing suits that don't make you feel like you're wearing a "moo moo" on the beach. Your company's selection, size range and quality are top 10! Thank you so much for allowing me to enjoy my summer comfortably and in such style.

 - Danielle, Wrentham, MA


Thank you so much for the help.  I love the suit.   It is very comfortable and secure feeling.   My husband loves it also.   Thanks again.

- Marie, Anchorage, AK

I found your clothes very nicely shaped to accommodate the belly, super-comfortable, and very flattering.

 - Regina, Watertown, MA


Just received my swimsuit (tankini top with swim skirt with brief) and I love it!!!! Great quality, definitely the best maternity swimsuit I have found!

- Amy, Maple Lake, MN

I purchased two tops, one M and one L, as I was unsure which is a better fit.  I have just now worn the M for swimming and it is perfect. I love the suit. It is amazing! I have several preggo friends and I have been recommending your company lots! Thank you,

- Laura, Charlottesville,VA


Thanks for a wonderful product! I just used my maternity swimming shorts yesterday and am in love with them! Thanks again. I will be telling my friends.

- Stacy, Poulsbo, WA


The bottoms are great and am so happy I found them!! They are by far the best I've found, as I prefer something that goes up over the pregnant belly.  They are perfect for my water aerobics classes.

- Lynn, Humble, TX


The size medium was perfect and I must say that the suit is beautifully made.  The material is nice that provides the right amount of support and remains flattering.  Thank you for the great customer service.

- Holly, Suffolk, VA


The medium tops fit great and are far superior to any other maternity swimwear out there. Everything else I have tried or looked at has either made me cry or made me want to cry.  I felt just great in these.  I’m actually looking forward to wearing them on my vacation. Thank you!!!

- Meredith, Westwood, MA


I just returned from vacation and had to write and tell you how much I LOVED wearing my swimsuit! The swim skort (w/ attached boy short) kept me cool, yet completely covered. I also interchanged a rash guard and tankini top - both of which were so comfortable and provided great coverage. No tugging to keep the belly covered, no wedgies on the beach. I absolutely love the pieces and I'm so happy I found this site!

- Mary, Coppell, TX


I finally have a minute to let you know how the skort worked for me. In a word, WONDERFUL! I am so relieved to have found something stylish and comfortable. Thank you so much for keeping the style modern and age appropriate - I am always in awe of the frilly bathing suit skirts out there... I'm 32, not 2! I will be sharing your company information and my awesome experience at my mom's club meetings and with my friends and family. Also, I saw on your website that you launched a non-maternity line and will definitely be a returning customer after this bun is out of the oven! Thanks again!

- Jacci, Summerville, SC


Just wanted to tell you that I got my mulberry swim shirt and skirt with boy shorts and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Can't wait to get in the water. I feel cute again!

- Stephanie, Jupiter, FL


I wore the suit all weekend and once again I was soooo HAPPY! I never felt the need to wear a sun dress or cover up. I just felt totally comfortable and covered. Thanks for making such a great product!

- Erika, Maplewood, MN


Your items are wonderful and I have worn them countless times already and will continue to do so for the rest of the summer! I'll also refer all my pregnant friends.

- Kristy, Cary, NC


I tried several other swim briefs from a few different companies and yours was the only one that fit me!  I'm wearing them in my aqua exercise class so it's important for them to fit well.

- Kristin, New York, NY


I just wanted to let you know how amazing your customer service is. Thank you.

- Mandi, Altus, OK


The swim shorts are perfect. They stay in place, are long enough and I like the panel b/c it also stays in place ... isn't too high or too low. I wore them last week at 36 weeks pregnant and they still feel great. They are the perfect shorts to wear!!

- Kari, Maple Grove, MN


I received my swim shorts today and I LOVE them! They have the full coverage I wanted and are super comfy while still being very cute! I'm planning to get the skirt next and have already told my sister (who is pregnant) to definitely get herself a pair. Thank you!!!

- Katie, Wooster, OH


I can't remember ever having a more positive online shopping experience with any company. Period. You bent over backwards to make sure I was pleased with the fit of my swim shorts. So thank you for a fabulous pair of swim shorts and amazing customer service!

- Amy, Kingfisher, OK


I wanted to let you know that the swimsuit is perfect. The whole thing is great and it works!!! I bought a swimsuit that was not maternity just to have one work but I was not comfortable and then when I found this website I was so excited. But most of all I wanted to thank you for all of your help!! I have never had anyone help me with the kind of customer service that I received from you. So thank you so much!!!! I look forward to ordering more from Mermaid Maternity in the future and will make sure that I pass this website along to all of my other friends who are looking.

- Nicole, Brookings, SD


Thank you so much for a wonderful product! I ordered the board shorts with a tankini top and they are wonderful! Looking forward to spending the summer and fall in the pool with my new digs from Mermaid Maternity!

- Susan, Yuma, AZ


It is so refreshing to find a company with such kindness. It is clear that you care about each customer and I am so grateful for all your help with my recent order. I am a customer for life and will spread the word as much as possible!!

- Ellie, Waukee, IA


I swam today and loved the board shorts! Definitely stayed on and fit very nicely on all counts: belly band, brief and overall shorts!

- Ann, Frisco, TX


I purchased a swim skirt in a medium and a large. The medium fits perfect, so I am returning the large. Thanks for being a great company. I love the swim skirt ... it looks so nice on. Once I am not pregnant you can be sure that I'll be back to buy the non-maternity skirt; it'll be perfect for chasing a baby and preschooler around the pool!

- Melissa, Gloucester, VA


You have such awesome products ... very stylish, extrememly comfortable and perfect for an active mom of 3 with one on the way. I wish I had known of your site during my other pregnancies!

- Jennifer, Ridgefield, CT


I am so happy to find you! There are just no other decent and modest yet cute maternity swim suits!

- Kristen, Springfield, IL


I am so wonderfully impressed and in love with your products. I didn't think I was going to be able to find pretty and cute swim suits in maternity sizes. Thank you so much for your products and the wonderful things you offer.

- Amy, Livingston, LA


I got the swim shirt and I love it! I feel so comfortable in it and feel very lucky to have found your company! Shopping for a swimsuit is daunting in "normal" times, and it's been worse with all the body changes that come along with pregnancy. This swimsuit made me excited to head to the beach this summer :-) Thanks again, and thanks for your wonderful customer service!

- Julie, Columbus, OH


I LOVE the swim suit! The color is beautiful and it's great coverage! I was VERY satisfied...will check out your website more soon for other buys. Thanks for great service!

- Marissa, San Diego, CA


I just tried on the suit and I love it.  I really didn't think it would be that hard to find a rash guard maternity shirt and you really were one of the only options I could find.  Thanks for providing a modest option in swim wear for all the pregnant mommies out there!

- Sarah, Iowa City, IA


I absolutely love the swim shorts that I bought. I have never felt more comfortable in a swimsuit before as I do with these shorts and I am now 5 months pregnant. Thank you again for your assistance.

- Heather, West Haven, CT


I absolutely love the swim shirt.  The fit is so stylish, I want to wear it even once I have the baby!

- Amanda, Sublimity, OR


Thanks for writing me personally. I really appreciate your business and was incredibly relieved to find you when I was researching modest bottoms to wear with my swimsuit! So - thank you for your ingenuity! I will share with you that I LOVED the swim shorts. My husband and I went to Hawaii for a week and I practically LIVED in my bathing suit at nearly 7 months pregnant while we were there! Needless to say, I felt infinitely more comfortable wearing them with my swimsuit and the fit was perfect! You can't imagine how hard of a time I had finding a materntiy swim short that wasn't for size 8 or larger. As a petite person, I was so grateful for your website. So, thank you for creating this product and I wish you every future success as your business grows. Sincerely,

- Stephanie, Goshen, KY


Thank you for all your help with the swimsuit exchange/purchase.  I absolutely love the tieback plum top and the shorts with the fold over panel.  I was really dreading going on vacation this summer and being pregnant.  There are just no swimsuits out there other than the typical bikini bottom and that is the last thing I wanted.  I went to Google and searched for maternity swim shorts and your company came up.  Glad I did!! Thanks again!

- Kristie, Walton, KY


Wonderful service! Ordered Friday night, and my swim shirt was in my mailbox today (Monday!). Passing this website on to all of my mom friends!

- Jennifer, Atlanta, GA


The tankini top is perfect!  Thanks so very much for having such great bathing suits.

- Briana, Rockland, ME


I just shared my experience with Mermaid Maternity with my husband and told him that I wish all companies were as understanding and personal as you have been!  I will recommend you to all my friends as I know when they see my maternity swimsuit/shorts they are going to want some!

- Michelle, San Angelo, TX


I love the swim shorts!!! Amazing how I couldn't find these anywhere and was just doing a random search online for maternity swim shorts. Not every pregnant mom is tall, thin and just has a baby bump. Thanks again,

- Amy, Cincinnati, OH


These swim shorts are a great idea for varicose veins, etc.!!! Ingenious, actually! Thanks,

- Anita, Lansdowne, PA


I got the order very quickly and everything fits great.  I love the swim shorts and they already fit in my first trimester and will be great throughout the whole pregnancy. They are super comfortable. I can't wait to try them in the water.  Thank you for your excellent customer service. I wish every company was so personable and easy to work with.  Please keep making new products!  Best wishes for your company. Thanks again on doing an excellent job. 

- Cindy, Germany


I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.  I recieved my swim shorts last night and they fit great. Now I'm excited about my weekend getaway with my husband to the beach because I have a bathingsuit that fits my mommy figure perfect. Your help is sincerely appreciated.

- Heather, Richmond, VA


Just wanted to let you know my swim shirt came today! That was fast! Fits great ... perfect for maternity and non. Thank you again.

- Joleena, Brandon, VT


I received my order today (in record time, I'd like to add!) and am extrememly impressed with the quality of your swimwear. Finding comfortable maternity swimwear has been a challenge, and I am so happy to have found your company! I can now swim comfortably and confidently, as I am not one to wear tiny bathing suit bottoms, pregnant or not! Thank you again, and I appreciate your rapid processing and shipping of my order. I WILL refer your company to friends seeking maternity swimwear!

- Rebecca, Stem, NC

Just wanted to let you know that I received the bathing suits on Saturday and I am FINALLY pleased!! I have been looking everywhere for maternity suits with the skirted bottom and they are very hard to find, so I'm so happy with what I received. Thanks again for such exceptional service - I will be recommending your site to anyone inquiring!

- Krista, Abington, PA


I just tried on my swim shorts. They are absolutely wonderful! They fit great now and still have room for when I'm bigger! They really are the perfect length and very comfy around the belly!

- Jaime, Grafton, MA


Thank you so much! I received the package yesterday and LOVE the bathing suit. I just ordered the large bottom. The medium fits very well but I am due in July so wanted to try on the large. If it isn't too big I might go with that size just to insure I will make it to my due date with this suit :) love the product, and fantastic customer service. Will recommend to everyone! Thanks again!

 - Jessica, Framingham, MA


Just wanted to inform you that I am returning Black Maternity Swim Shorts in a size large.  I had ordered both a medium and a large, uncertain of which ones would fit, and the medium shorts turned out to be a perfect fit.  Thank you for offering this item.  I absolutely love the shorts! Thank You,

- Charlene, Corbin, KY


Hi - Just wanted to let you know that I received the order (ahead of time, actually), and I love the swim shorts! They are really comfy.Thanks again for all of your great  customer service. I will definitely let people know about Mermaid Maternity!

- Melanie, Snow Hill, MD


Hi, I received the swimming shorts last Tuesday, which was perfect timing as I started swimming classes with my son that day! I am very happy with the shorts, they are exactly what I was after.

- Kirsty, New South Wales, Australia


I received my shorts today.  I love them!!!  The fit is perfect!  Thanks so much!

- Jill, Winter Springs, FL


Hi - this email is in regards to a return that is on the way. I actually ordered 2 sizes (Medium and Large) and will be returning the larger size. I absolutely love the swim shorts that I am keeping. Thank you,

- Katie, Denver, CO